Drink the Good Stuff!

New Arrivals for Fall

It's that time of year where we do a lot of wine tasting and make a lot of decisions about what is going to come in to the store for the fall season and the holidays. We put a lot of effort in to pre-selecting wines for our collection so that -- no matter what your budget or your taste -- you'll get the most enjoyment for your money. 

Here are some of the...

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#DrinkNapa for Labor Day


As you probably know, Northern California suffered a 6.0 Magnitude earthquake, with the epicenter near downtown Napa, this past Sunday morning. Thankfully, personal injuries were kept to a minimum, partly due to the 3:21am time of the quake, and no deaths have been directly associated with the natural disaster. Still, damage to historic buildings, homes, wineries, and wine storage facilities was...

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Five Summer Reds to Chill Down and Chill You Down


Here we are smack dab in the middle of summer in New York City. The heat has settled underground in the subway stations like an oven and the only relief you get when you re-emerge is a sticky breeze wafting up at your face from the sidewalk gutters.

What you really need to cool you down and lift your spirits...

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